Transexual chat room.

Transexual chat room.

Transexual chat room. He felt himself stirring.

He stepped inside and gently closed the door behind him. Then facing her once more, he lifted one brow in question before leaning in to capture her lips.

The kiss started out quiet, questioning. But as her scent teased his nostrils, sweet with a hint of musk, he deepened it until it was demanding and hot.

She wrapped her arms around him then, one hand cupping the back of his head pulling him closer, the other reaching around to learn the contours of the ass she hadn’t yet had the pleasure of seeing. Her head spun from the intensity of the kiss and she felt the lace between her thighs dampen with her arousal.

Her nipples hardened almost painfully and strained against the thin cups of her bra. Transexual chat room.

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