Cams live chat.

Cams live chat.

Cams live chat. I kept pumping more into her, by now she was rising up and slamming down by herself making me cum even more.

She did this several times, I could not believe it but I was still hard, not fully but hard enough to keep pumping into this woman. We kept going for another five minutes at least, till I came again, I’ve never done that, fuck it was great.

She got off me and we both fumbled around for our clothes, I pulled out the blindfold from my jeans pocket and put it on. When we were all ready, someone asked, “All done?” a volley of yes’s from around the room.

Then one of us from the inside knocked on the door and then each one of us was led out one at a time, back to our first room. Cams live chat.

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